About Redrover

What makes Red Rover different?

  • A Nashville Original, our unparalleled dog care began in 2004.
  • The dogs help us pick their playmates for play and rest time, day and night.
  • We separate by size inside and out. Small dogs are typically 25 pounds and smaller.
  • Drop-off and Pickup your dog anytime during daycare Monday thru Friday, 7am to 7pm.
  • Honestly Social Setting: dogs stay with their pals, not in isolation with a tv.
  • Unique style of nightcare has been proven effective by our relaxed and happy dog guests.
  • Dogs left alone in a building through the night is not ideal, so we’re here too.
  • Free web cams for our customers.
  • One price care for everything your dog needs. We think a la carte care is for the birds.
  • Owned/managed locally by a professional trainer who specializes in animal behavior.
  • Online reservation system for easy updates, expense/package tracking, and scheduling.
  • Are we fancy? Look through the dog’s eyes!

Red Rover Pet Services LLC offers training solutions, cage-free day/night care for dogs, pet supplies, and baths etc. for our day & night care customers since 2004.

In 2008 Red Rover relocated to a larger building permitted for boarding to expand our services. We are uncomfortable with the risks of leaving dogs alone overnight. For our personal social dogs, the stress of staying isolated in a strange place is not something we would chose. Professional, social dog, overnight care was born in Nashville! At Red Rover most dogs sleep in their playroom with their dog friends, a few in private spaces. A staff person is onsite through the night.

In September 2013 we relocated to a nicer building with more finished space for training and day/night care at 315 Hermitage Avenue, Nashville TN 37210.

We’re open for daycare Monday through Friday *7 AM to 7 PM. Drop-off & pickup times are available on the weekend for boarding customers too! Saturday & Sunday: *7:00-8:00 AM or *6:00-7:00 PM.

*All hours are specific. If you arrive early you’ll need to wait. If you arrive after daycare closes we’ll tuck your pup in for the night and see you in the morning, extra charges will be due upon pickup. Phone and doorbell ringers are turned off after hours.

Late Pickup Option! We know you’re busy and want to spend as much time with your dog as possible. That’s why we offer a special late pickup during the week, Monday through Friday, between 8:30-9 PM*. Late pickup is not available on weekends and holidays. Please note: any pickup/dropoff outside daycare hours will cost extra and arrangements must be made before daycare closes. No late arrangements will be made after daycare closes. Red Rover is open most snow days. Boarding pick-up and drop-off are available most days, Sunday through Saturday, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

Red Rover Pet Services is conveniently located in downtown Nashville close to the airport, 1.5 miles South of Broadway/Riverfront Park, at 315 Hermitage Avenue (1st Avenue South); 615-227-7709. We have over 4,000-square feet of indoor space and a large 8′ privacy-fenced yard for your dog to come stay, play, and learn!

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We know you want the best for your dog. Schedule a time to visit our facility and find out why dog lovers choose Red Rover!


I am so happy to hear that Penny did well and played with other dogs! I really appreciate the extra attention you gave her. She was so happy and bouncy Friday night so I knew she must have had fun.



Bubba was absolutely worn out last night. He really enjoys his time there.. he was at the door hoping to go again when I left. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for our loved four legged friends.