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A way of interacting with your companion animals that makes training and behavior modification easier and more fun for both of you.

  • Have you gotten frustrated trying to teach your dog not to run to the end of the leash and yank off your arm when you just want to have a nice walk together?
  • Does your dog stay out of your reach when you most need them to come to you?
  • Is your animal companion wounded by a checkered past that you do not know?
  • Have you asked a trainer for help and been frustrated by the aggressive methods they use and the harm to your relationship you feel they may cause?
  • Do you just know there is a better way to communicate with your nonverbal friends?

Do we offer training too? You bet! We use up-to-date learning theory, LIMA, and cutting edge communication – including nonverbal cues and telepathy – to reach your goals quickly and effectively. Our goal is to improve the bond you have with your companion to help you have an enjoyable life together.

Let willowisdom help! Heidi Dixner has been training and observing companion animal behavior for decades. She has been a professional dog trainer and owned and managed dog day and night care for almost 30 years. Heidi has years of observation and working experience with dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, alpaca, chickens, birds, and reptiles.

If you’re experiencing something with a companion animal, it’s a good bet Heidi has too. Her lifelong interest in companion animal behavior and teaching may be just what your looking for.

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