Chester wearing blue glasses: a cream colored, standard poodle rescue

Chester, a 4 yo male standard, is looking for a home.

Heidi, our CEO & GM, has rescued poodles since the ’90s. She has done so using businesses Sylvan Bark and Willow Dog as well as Red Rover. After years of taking up to 15 dogs at a time from local shelters she was overwhelmed by her rescues – that’s a funny image! So she placed all dogs in her care in loving homes and focused on rescuing poodles.

Why Poodles you ask? Beginning with Onyx, a miniature poodle and THE 13th birthday present, Heidi fell in love with their temperament. Oni was followed by many poodles of all sizes over the next 40+ years. She learned more about the breed working with a reputable poodle breeder and freestyle teacher, Brigid of B Star Poodles. Focusing her rescue efforts on a breed she knows well has proved ideal for Heidi, her family, and the dogs.

Heidi says, “I truly enjoy the distinct breed traits of all sized poodles: friendly to everyone, easy to teach, interested in connecting with other species especially humans, not hyperactive, versatile, and with a coat that has the least shedding of any dog breed.”

Understanding and appreciating the dogs we place  aids our success finding lifelong, loving homes for them. That’s our most sacred job as rescuers.

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Adoptable dogs are listed on AdoptaPet and Petfinder.

Our rescues are neutered, up-to-date on rabies/distemper/parvo and often bordetella, heart worm negative, and freshly bathed at placement unless otherwise noted. Current Red Rover customers receive 4 days of boarding free. Adopters receive free settle-in training, locally in person or online.
We want to see our foster friends and help create continuity in their previously chaotic lives.

Click here for the Happy Tails! See who we’ve placed in forever homes.

Please visit our poodle partners across the nation if you don’t see one to adopt from us.

Thank you for adopting a rescued animal and being part of the solution!