How does your dog sleep most comfortably at home? Some dogs enjoy the security of a crate but most are comfortable sleeping without restriction and allowed to choose their own spot and best friends during their sleep over. Our social dogs desire to be close to other dogs and/or humans and not isolated in a pretty room. This is why we offer social group dog boarding. 

After a full day of exercise and socialization during the day,  which is included in the cost of boarding, your best friend will be able to cuddle up with their best dog friends for the night. If your dog prefers to sleep alone, we can accommodate that as well. When dogs are used to the freedom they have at home to walk around and snooze wherever they want, being confined alone can make them feel anxious, lonely, stressed, and/or bored. Our social group boarding gives every dog the opportunity to choose whatever makes them most comfortable during their stay. We are on site at night for added safety. 

We limit night care services to around 6 dogs per night, except on busy holidays, so we can all get much needed rest during the night and the team can give everyone special attention. Because of limited availability and high level of attention we do not offer a discount for multi-dog families. There is no extra charge to give your dog provided medicine or food needed during his or her stay. We take the time to feed your dog’s food to avoid unnecessary discomfort of the stomach upset dogs may suffer with sudden food changes. Please bring the food in a bag with enough + a little extra just in case to help us store it safely.

To make things easy for you, drop-off and pick-up are available seven days a week, except on busy holidays. Payment is required at drop-off. Reservations are required; a deposit may be required to hold your reservation. All deposits are nonrefundable.

Going away and rover must stay? Bring your dog to Red Rover. You bring the food and we’ll provide the rest!

We welcome our loyal clients! Contact us before booking for questions about pricing.

Nashville countryside in summer
Red Rover in the summer 2024