Angus! Dog of the Week for May 6, 2012

May 10, 2012

Our DOW, dog of the week, for this second week in May 2012 is… Angus! He was nominated, and voted in, by staff who love his affectionate, goofy heart and squishy face.

I especially love Angus because, before him, I’d never had the privilege of “growing up” with an English Mastiff. What a pudgy, snuggly puppy he was back when he gained 5 pounds a week! At one point he was taller than our little x-pen but he would still stand calmly behind it, not questioning our wisdom at confining him in such an insufficient location.

angus-restaurantOnce, practicing “catch” with treats as Angus and Sarah prepared to head home, we all cheered when he caught the treat… he visibly shrunk in panic. After that we had to contain our excitement so as not to startle the delicate giant. Another day, he glanced out of the corner of his eye to see… HORRORS! a child (Svea who he grew to love and trust) hiding on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf behind him. I believe Angus was relieved when the flood took those horrible shelves away! -Heidi

In the words of his mom, Sarah, here’s Angus, behind the scenes:

Likes: Adoration from all humans, Las Paletas (and licking children’s faces who’ve recently had a paleta), inadvertently blowing drool bubbles, sleeping in mom’s bed, galloping instead of running, getting stuck under tables at restaurants (see photo), hiking, baby pools, gulping water from the hose, wrestling with my Aunt Bailey, the golden retriever (see photo), intense games of tug of war, and playing “soccer” with partially deflated basketballs.
Dislikes: Children wearing light-up or rolly shoes (they morph out of nowhere), really anything with wheels on it (strollers, suitcases, garbage cans), and loud noises.


Angus started out as a not-so-tiny 15 lb chunk of a puppy, who immediately began gaining at least, and often exactly, five pounds a week for the next twenty weeks.  He would toddle into his crate at night (he could barely walk until he was 12-15 weeks old and demanded to be carried everywhere…not great when you’re a 45 pound baby) and come out in the morning, visibly larger.  He’s always gotten tons of attention because of his size, so now he demands it, and will prance by groups of people until they fawn over him.  He has been going to Red Rover since he was 12 weeks old, and loves it; all I have to say on Red Rover days is “Want to go see Heidi?” and he lumbers to the door.  He loves to snuggle, spoon, and give kisses, and will spin circles for you if you offer him a treat.  He talks loudly if you aren’t giving him the attention he deserves, and his six-pound Uncle Sumo, the Maltese, bosses him around.

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