Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured Metro, between June 2008 & January 2014, permitted boarding kennels in industrial zoning. As a former Nashville employee and one who respects Codes’ sometimes thankless job, I go with the flow. Industrial zoning is hard to come by in East Nashville and Germantown; everything is going multi-use. <Thankfully Metro updated […]

Puppy Stuff Featured

It is so exciting to bring a new puppy, or older dog, into your home for the first time! It’s all about cuddling, mutual appreciation, and warm fuzzies… right? MAYBE NOT We may find, to our frustration and sometimes fear, a new pup is also a challenge at first. I remember the first two weeks of my daughter’s life as […]

Awesome Flyer

Check out our amazing new flyer for our Online Dog Training Campaign. Let us know if you want copies to hang in your workplace or community! Click here to download the flyer.

Clicker Training Basics

At this point you’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard the term, Clicker Training… not that there’s anything wrong with that… So what is it? Many trainers, unfortunately, don’t really get it. If you’d had an experience with it and been unimpressed, please read on. I hope I can encourage you to add this valuable […]

1: The Dead Dog

“A dog’s been hit, beside Red Rover on Jackson” a customer reported by phone shortly after leaving with her dogs. I didn’t think twice, grabbed a leash, and shot out the door and around the side of the building. NOT DEAD BUT NOT FAR FROM IT I saw the pitiful, brindle dog immediately. He wasn’t dead or mortally wounded at […]

2: What About Brindle?

The mangy, emaciated, brindle dog allowed us to enter his triangle to mop. Food is precious to a dog who is no stranger to starvation, so we slipped bowls to him twice a day under the fence while he gobbled, snapped, and growled. I advised my coworkers not to take any risks. If Brindle was pushed into biting a human, […]

DOG BRAWL!! Is It Normal? What Can We Do?

Do you get irritated with other people? You’d have amazing self control or be highly evolved spiritually if you didn’t. So why are we surprised when dogs get irritated with each other too? Rather than engaging in road rage or yelling, dogs often use physical means to resolve disputes. Though the image of an angry dog behind the wheel is […]

HD 2012-07: Bogie! July 2012

Our HD, Highlighted Dog, for July 2012 is… Bogie! He was nominated, and voted in, by staff who love his cute howl; gorgeous, wavy, black hair; and spunky nature. Heidi says, “Bogie has been through many transformations during our time together. Initially a young stud who easily charmed all the ladies–from canine friends to human staff–has has become the friendly, […]

Dog of the Week for April 22, 2012

Our first DOW, dog of the week, for 2012 is Honey. Initially nervous, Honey soon realized Mom and Dad always came back to Red Rover to take her home. So she walked around the yard happily and engaged in play with her dog friends; no longer stressed. A welcome guest in the Winston Room, named for her brother Winston Finch, […]