Anthropomorphizing or Do Unto Others

My current philosophy of how to train and treat dogs has been occasionally charged with being “anthropomorphic.” You may say, “hunh?” The word anthropomorphism was coined to describe how we humans tend to give our own characteristics to non-humans, originally to gods or natural phenomena like wind. Some people say guessing what your dog might do based upon your knowledge […]

Letting Go of Posy

As I sit here and write this Posy is lying next to my chair on a soft bed in the sunshine, she is covered with warm blankets, and breathing softly. Each breath is firmly exhaled and, so far, followed by another. Tears are running down my face and I am gripped by sniffles. I decided long ago to keep Posy […]

Why Can’t We Trainers Just Get Along?

Recently I had a fantastic conversation with another person devoted to training dogs. Via an in depth conversation, we discovered our methods used to teach dogs are strikingly similar. However using the scientific terms of behavior psychology, the perceived difference is great. This is because I focus upon rewarding what’s done “right” by the dog, providing positive reinforcement, and he […]

My First Dog Was a Pound Puppy!

Almost 40 years ago at 6 years old, the SPCA told my mom they wouldn’t adopt to a family with children my age. Given that I was standing right there it shows how much some adults ignore smaller, younger creatures! The caregiver relented, thankfully, after seeing me interact with the dogs. In the end, I was allowed to crawl into […]