Dog of the Week for April 22, 2012

April 26, 2012

Our first DOW, dog of the week, for 2012 is Honey.

Initially nervous, Honey soon realized Mom and Dad always came back to Red Rover to take her home. So she walked around the yard happily and engaged in play with her dog friends; no longer stressed. A welcome guest in the Winston Room, named for her brother Winston Finch, Honey managed to look still and stoic in most pictures. I love this pic of her looking up at the camera slyly with Pee Wee massaging her head. We’ll share her story and a few of her best pictures.

Her story in this life has ended so sit down and let us tell you about Honey Bunny.

As told by her Mom. “Honey came to live with Cindy and Bob 10 days after Winston Finch left. She had been wandering around my sister’s neighborhood in Madison with no collar – ribs showing but knew how to shake hands. Of course Susan knew we missed Winston so much and so she called me to come see the girl dog who looked very similar to Winston. Honey jumped up in the back of my car, went home with me and that was it. We always figured that Winston sent her to cheer us up. Pee Wee was already here, but they took up as best friends from the beginning.

Honey waiting in the car.”Honey went almost everywhere with me – she looked like a vulture hanging her head over the back seat. She always stayed in the bedroom until the last person got up in the a.m. – protecting us while we slept. She loved chasing squirrels and going to walk every day in one of the near by parks. She loved riding on pontoon boats but hated jet skis!! Too noisy! She also hated delivery and mail people. She was very protective of “her” yard and barked whenever anyone even walked down the street.

“She loved to roll over on her back on the carpet in the bedroom or on the grass and twist back and forth legs in the air to scratch her back. We called it Honey in the snow.”twist & shout”. She was the best girl in the whole wide world and I told her & her Daddy so repeatedly every day!!!

“I love my Honey. She has a sweet spot in the backyard near the lake – OUTSIDE the fence – where the squirrels play.”

Bye Honey. You were a wonderful guest at Red Rover. One of the best! We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again in the future.


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