HD 2012-07: Bogie! July 2012

July 12, 2012

Our HD, Highlighted Dog, for July 2012 is… Bogie!

He was nominated, and voted in, by staff who love his cute howl; gorgeous, wavy, black hair; and spunky nature.

Heidi says, “Bogie has been through many transformations during our time together. Initially a young stud who easily charmed all the ladies–from canine friends to human staff–has has become the friendly, calm, cool, and collected daycare veteran he is today. He is fun to watch interacting with old friends–and competitors… right Winston?–and new visitors to Red Rover.

284588_10150332049227915_75713717914_9395317_3818240_n“Bogie is a pro at cagefree interactions and his nonverbal communication is wonderful to watch. I am so grateful for the years we’ve spent learning from each other. Bogie is a wonderful teacher and his mom Autumn is one of best people I know as a customer and friend.”

In the words of his mom, Autumn, here’s Bogie’s “Rags to Riches” story:

Bogie was found near a walking trail where he was barking and trying to get the attention of anyone who would walk by. For a time he was in and out of shelters and foster homes until a friend forwarded me an email from the Tru Dog Network. I saw his sweet face and knew immediately that he was the dog for me. We loved each other from first sight.

bogie-coverShortly after he came to live me with, Bogie started going to Red Rover and taking classes with Heidi. Bogie is a natural at the agility classes, and is smart as a whip. Two years ago, I almost lost him due to an undetected rubber ball stuck in his stomach.

He became deathly ill while on an overnight stay at Red Rover. Thanks to the quick thinking team, he was taken to his vet and several days later the ball was discovered and removed. Today, he is healthy, happy, and a bit fluffier around the middle.

Bogie loves chasing cats, squirrels, squeakies, and things that make noise. He is the best sleeping buddy in the world, often staying in bed long after I get up. He talks…a lot, and knows lots of fun tricks. Most of all, he loves the attention that he gets from the crew at Red Rover.

Thank you for highlighting Bogie!

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