SOARescue Adoptable Dogs!

Red Rover is partnered with  SAFPAW Outreach and Rescue (SOAR). A fantastic organization whos mission is to be a shelter diversion for animals who are facing homelessness. In an effort to help SOAR relieve pressure on the over-burdened shelter system, Red Rover fosters and cares for many of their adoptable dogs.   

Once you fill out an application, one of SOAR’s adoption coordinators will get in touch with you to discuss your application and set up initial interviews. From there your coordinator will go over the rest of the process. Because we want this to be our foster’s last transition we work hard to ensure its the right fit. A 2 week foster to adopt period will be implemented before finalizing any adoption. 


Red Rover is happy to offer training to assist with any transition period at a discounted rate! Along with this, Red Rover is proud to offer *all SOAR adopters a 10% off daycare and boarding! (*dogs must pass Red Rover’s cage-free care requirements to participate). 

If you feel you are not ready for the 10-20 year commitment, but are still wanting to have a pet; please consider fostering. Click the link below to apply to be a part of our Foster Family!