Poodle Rescue


L-R: Rescues Jesse & Willowrose. Rubi is an honorary poodle rescue.

Heidi, our CEO & GM, has rescued poodles since the ’90s. After years of taking up to 15 dogs at a time from local shelters she was overwhelmed by her rescues – that’s a funny image! After successfully placing all dogs in her care in loving homes she specialized her rescue efforts to poodles.



Poodles became the breed she knows best back when her parents gifted her with Onyx, a miniature poodle, for her 13th birthday. Focusing on poodle rescue was a natural choice! Heidi learned a lot more about the breed from a reputable poodle breeder and freestyle teacher Brigit.


Heidi grew to love and appreciate the distinct breed traits of all poodles, every size: friendly to everyone, easy to teach, interested in connecting with other species – including humans, not hyperactive, and very limited shedding.


Understanding and appreciating the dogs we’re placing along with extensive word-of-mouth for specific dog types helps make us successful at finding lifelong, loving homes. That’s our most sacred job as rescuers.


All of our rescues are neutered or spayed, up-to-date on rabies/distemper/parvo and often bordetella, heart worm negative, and freshly bathed at placement unless otherwise noted. Current Red Rover customers receive a free single or multi-dog package — we want to see our friends and help foster continuity in their previously chaotic and now stable lives. Adoption Application


Adoptable dogs are listed on AdoptaPet, Petfinder, and below.

Adoptable Dogs:

Tina Doodle

Penny has so many new best friends in her home. Congrats Pancake!


A 11 mo old, chocolate standard poodle. Penny is super sweet and lovable. She is looking for a dedicated person and may be best with another confident dog in the household. Penny gets along with everyone, dog and human, though she can take a minute to warm up to new people.

Dr. Pepper is home at last! Congrats my goofy friend.



A 2 yo black standard poodle, possibly doodle cross, with a long and lively natural tail and very tall body. Pepp is as lively as his tail. His bouncy behavior turns quickly to cuddles and sleeping at your feet when you sit down. Pepp has never met a stranger, dog or person. He would do well in a home interested in a very loyal companion.

Zero found his home with a bunch of dogs to boss him around. Yippee!



A 4 yo cream standard poodle/doodle cross with golden or Labrador retriever. Zero never met a stranger and is very confident and patient. He loves to play, especially with toys though carrying around stuffed toys and mutilating them doesn’t seem to lead to other destruction. Zero would do well in many homes. He is a clean dog who loves puddles.

Tina found her home with a big brother! Way to go Tina!!



A 12 mo old dark grey standard poodle/doodle cross. Her color may continue to lighten with age. Tina is sweet and confident. She loves to play with other dogs and return to people for snuggles. She is a clean, easy-going dog.