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    Training Positive reinforcement training that teaches you and your dog how to develop a healthy relationship
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    Grooming If you want your dog to look and feel fabulous, check out our dog-friendly grooming service.
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    Dog Daycare Worried your pup doesn’t get enough exercise or social interaction?

Dog Day & Night Care

Beagle and schnauzer snuggle on the same bed.What's different about Red Rover day and night care? Established in 2004 we have been owned and managed by a professional trainer since 2005.

We believe your dog should get the best care for one low price. No need to pay extra for more attention, if your dog needs it our well trained staff give it with love! Keep an eye on your dog with our FREE WEBCAMS.

What's Nightcare? Our overnight care isn't called boarding because dogs get to snuggle with their best friends all night. Staff stay on site to provide the safest overnight care possible. No one else in Nashville provides care like ours!


Alert Chihuahua lying down.Group Obedience Classes Forming Now! Visit our poll to sign up for your preferred day/time at Doodle.com.

Establishing a healthy relationship with your dog is the key to a wonderful life together. I believe the foundation for that relationship is most affective when based upon kindness, fairness, trust, and solid boundaries. - Heidi Dixner, Lead Trainer

Click here to watch free videos on Heidi's YouTube Channel or read training tips on our blog.

Red Rover Grooming

No specials being offered at this time.

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At Red Rover, we work to help each dog have a positive experience. We take great pride in caring for your dog and making sure your pup is happy and comfortable. Owned by a professional dog trainer since 2005, we offer a variety of services for your convenience – boarding, daycare, training, and bathing/nail services to our day/nightcare customers. Retail - pet food and supplies - coming SOON!

Training services are available at Red Rover and at your home. Our owner, Heidi Dixner, is a motivational, cooperative trainer. We want both you and your dog to enjoy learning together.

Red Rover Pet Services is conveniently located near downtown Nashville and the airport, South of Broadway 1.5 miles on 1st Ave S (Hermitage Ave). We have 4,000-square feet of indoor space and a large yard with an 8 foot privacy fence for your dog to come stay, play, and learn!

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