About Us

Red Rover is a family owned business created to center around your dog’s natural behaviors and instincts. By understanding our canine companions we can create a less stressful environment for them to run, play and be happy in. With our trained staff supervising them throughout the day, we’re able to let dogs do what they do best, be DOGS!

A Look Back:

Back to 2004

Heidi has always carried an appreciation for animals, growing up with poodles, dreaming of becoming a vet, and opening her home to many rescues throughout the years. In 2004, Heidi Dixner married Robert Regan, who’s love gave her the strength to pursue her dreams. With his support, it was time Heidi quit her day job and focus on her new found passion – Animal Behavior. She decided to purchased Red Rover, a small dog daycare in East Nashville. Except 1 week later she found out she was pregnant!

October of 2008

Red Rover was growing and so was Heidi! Raising her daughter right along side Red Rover was quite the job but that didn’t stop her from giving Nashville what she thought was the best dog care around! Outgrowing its space on Calvin Ave, in 2008 Red Rover moved across the river to a larger building to accommodate overnight boarding.

September 2013

Feeling uncomfortable leaving dogs onsite overnight, Red Rover moved to it’s current location in 2013, allowing staff to stay onsite overnight, all year long! Little by little Heidi and her husband have devoted all of their time, energy and money on making this little spot prettier and better for both dogs and their human owners!

November 2018

After a few years, we redid our big vintage sign! Since then we have and will continue to focus on creating something truly special that Nashvillians can be proud of. A social dog, group care, training-based daycare, and boarding location! With positive reinforcement and proper techniques, we believe Humans have evolved beyond needing to force and bully other animals. Red Rover is here to start the next chapter in dog behavior!


The future looks great!

With 2020 bringing such unforeseen circumstances, Red Rover Pet Services is taking this opportunity to continue to educate our staff, revamp our building and cater to all our customers as best we can! We look forward to making new Red Rover History!

Meet Our Dream Team!

All of our team is certified in fear-free training management as well as dog first aid and CPR. Each member of our staff has unique and extensive experience with dogs that helps them keep your pets safe. Because our staff is well versed and trained in canine behavior. They can recognize, minimize, and take action if an incident occurs.

Rob, Heidi & Svea
Family Owned
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Canine Care Tech
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