Hello, Nashville Dog Lovers!

Welcome to Nashville's Original Group Care Facility for Social Dogs!

Red Rover Pet Services has been providing the Nashville area with dog daycare, boarding and training for their canine family members since 2004. We promise to provide humans with exceptional service while providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your canine. We believe that dogs are more than best friends, they’re family! We treat all dogs in our care as if they were our own. In addition to supervising off-leash group play, our experienced staff actively engage canine guests with fun games and specialized care.

Six Dogs Running and Playing Outside Red Rover Pet Services LLC Dog Daycare and Boarding
Playful pup stands in front of fence with tennis ball in mouth and looks up-at Red Rover Dog Daycare and Boarding in Nashville
Cindy Training Max at Red Rover Pet Services LLC Dog Daycare and Boarding in Nashville TN

Dogs by nature are highly social animals. Dogs that attend dog daycare are calmer, happier and more easily controlled pets. It will also put your mind at ease knowing your dog is getting the care they deserve while you are away!

Before care all dogs have to pass our temperament test, which gives our staff the chance to get to know them and find the best possible daycare group for them to join. Please Call or email schedule your orientation day once you’ve completed the online paperwork!

Coming soon! Red Rover believes in LIMA methods, training that is least intrusive and minimally aversive to our canine companions. These methods are effective and help you build the best relationship possible with your canine companion.

Help Us Stay Focused!

Our goal is for your pet to be excited to come in and you to feel at ease while you’re away. Team members of Red Rover do their very best to work with each pet individually to encourage them to be as happy and as comfortable as possible during their stay, but we need your help so we can focus on the dogs! Please read our frequently asked questions, policies and procedure guides before attending orientation. Have any questions ready at drop off!