Beware the Doodle Greeders!

Designer dog breeding is like selling illegal knockoffs. It’s all about profit. People who engage in breeding and selling “designer” puppies with no regard to the lives they destroy are not reputable breeders. Let’s call them greeders. Greeders don’t care about dogs or the innocent people who fall for their shtick. For the love of God! Who thought it was […]

Just Itchy or In Pain – Excessive Paw Licking Featured

Too often I see dogs chewing on their paws. Since many store-bought diets are deficient in processing and ingredients it is usually allergies. When we focus on fixing the dog’s diet but the paw licking remains what’s next? It was a relief to read an article in Volume 17 Issue 2 of Animal Wellness Magazine titled “Excessive Paw Licking – […]

4: Brindle Tackles His Ghosts

If you know me, you are aware that I try hard to protect everyone in my sphere: humans, canines, felines, equines, and chickines LOL. (A search reveals the scientific classification is gallus but not what a group of chickens is commonly called… Anyone know?) Rabbit trail, as my husband says! Back to the story of Brindle. Before we continue! I […]

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured Metro, between June 2008 & January 2014, permitted boarding kennels in industrial zoning. As a former Nashville employee and one who respects Codes’ sometimes thankless job, I go with the flow. Industrial zoning is hard to come by in East Nashville and Germantown; everything is going multi-use. <Thankfully Metro updated […]

HD 2012-07: Bogie! July 2012

Our HD, Highlighted Dog, for July 2012 is… Bogie! He was nominated, and voted in, by staff who love his cute howl; gorgeous, wavy, black hair; and spunky nature. Heidi says, “Bogie has been through many transformations during our time together. Initially a young stud who easily charmed all the ladies–from canine friends to human staff–has has become the friendly, […]

Anthropomorphizing or Do Unto Others

My current philosophy of how to train and treat dogs has been occasionally charged with being “anthropomorphic.” You may say, “hunh?” The word anthropomorphism was coined to describe how we humans tend to give our own characteristics to non-humans, originally to gods or natural phenomena like wind. Some people say guessing what your dog might do based upon your knowledge […]