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If you see no link for webcams please refresh page and login using the information given to you at drop-off. Some browsers require you to login for each camera (3); you may need to cancel for the camera that’s still not setup. For more information and inquiry about this service please email us at or call us at (615) 227-7709 during business hours.


Live Video Streaming

Play Yard

Bear Den


Play Yard – Angle 2


Coming Soon!

Rubi Room

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I am so happy to hear that Penny did well and played with other dogs! I really appreciate the extra attention you gave her. She was so happy and bouncy Friday night so I knew she must have had fun.



Bubba was absolutely worn out last night. He really enjoys his time there.. he was at the door hoping to go again when I left. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for our loved four legged friends.