Beware the Doodle Greeders!

Designer dog breeding is like selling illegal knockoffs. It’s all about profit. People who engage in breeding and selling “designer” puppies with no regard to the lives they destroy are not reputable breeders. Let’s call them greeders. Greeders don’t care about dogs or the innocent people who fall for their shtick. For the love of God! Who thought it was […]

Just Itchy or In Pain – Excessive Paw Licking Featured

Too often I see dogs chewing on their paws. Since many store-bought diets are deficient in processing and ingredients it is usually allergies. When we focus on fixing the dog’s diet but the paw licking remains what’s next? It was a relief to read an article in Volume 17 Issue 2 of Animal Wellness Magazine titled “Excessive Paw Licking – […]

4: Brindle Tackles His Ghosts

If you know me, you are aware that I try hard to protect everyone in my sphere: humans, canines, felines, equines, and chickines LOL. (A search reveals the scientific classification is gallus but not what a group of chickens is commonly called… Anyone know?) Rabbit trail, as my husband says! Back to the story of Brindle. Before we continue! I […]

3: Brindle – Vet-bound

The trip to the vet showed me two more amazing things about Brindle: he loves children and he loves the vet’s office. If you’ve been around a lot of dogs like I have, you know most dogs who are old enough to have received shots (and be neutered for that matter) have learned to be cautious of visits to the […]


When I suggested a client use toys for enrichment to improve the life of her lonely/bored dog who doesn’t L∙O∙V∙E dog daycare I realized others could also benefit from the information and ideas. Let me share what I know about dogs and toys to help you get started. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM TOYS? Dogs who get into trouble when left […]

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured Metro, between June 2008 & January 2014, permitted boarding kennels in industrial zoning. As a former Nashville employee and one who respects Codes’ sometimes thankless job, I go with the flow. Industrial zoning is hard to come by in East Nashville and Germantown; everything is going multi-use. <Thankfully Metro updated […]

Puppy Stuff Featured

It is so exciting to bring a new puppy, or older dog, into your home for the first time! It’s all about cuddling, mutual appreciation, and warm fuzzies… right? MAYBE NOT We may find, to our frustration and sometimes fear, a new pup is also a challenge at first. I remember the first two weeks of my daughter’s life as […]

Awesome Flyer

Check out our amazing new flyer for our Online Dog Training Campaign. Let us know if you want copies to hang in your workplace or community! Click here to download the flyer.

Clicker Training Basics

At this point you’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard the term, Clicker Training… not that there’s anything wrong with that… So what is it? Many trainers, unfortunately, don’t really get it. If you’d had an experience with it and been unimpressed, please read on. I hope I can encourage you to add this valuable […]