Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured

March 3, 2014

Why We Moved to 315 Hermitage Avenue Sept 2013 Featured

Metro, between June 2008 & January 2014, permitted boarding kennels in industrial zoning. As a former Nashville employee and one who respects Codes’ sometimes thankless job, I go with the flow. Industrial zoning is hard to come by in East Nashville and Germantown; everything is going multi-use. <Thankfully Metro updated their rules after we moved. Bravo! The new regs are better for our dog-friendly city.>


It was impossible to heat/cool and the bulk of the building was falling down. Yet our rent was almost $3,000/month higher than our new location. We couldn’t pay to stay there and offer affordable care any longer. Going out of business was a serious risk.

Our new building at 315 Hermitage Avenue is well maintained and affordable to heat and cool. We have almost 4,000 square feet of dog friendly space with a fabulous, spacious, 8’ privacy-fenced yard. Free webcams for our day & night care customers are up and running. We love it and hope you do too!

At 4th & Jackson we were isolated at night. Our overnight staff were removed from other people. We are happy to have caring, dog-friendly neighbors at 315 Hermitage. They have been welcoming and excited about our presence. We’ve made good friends here in just a few months!

Our Discount Tobacco market neighbors are still open when we close daycare. That means other people are around Red Rover when you pick-up during regular hours. Also family-owned and run, we have quickly become used to looking out for each other. They offer great prices on drinks and snacks, lottery tickets, and a friendly smile. Stop by and tell them we sent you!

With a baseball stadium coming soon we knew the location on 4th Ave N would become painfully gridlocked. Soon after we moved they closed 4th Ave at Jackson Street. Our new location is less than 3 miles from 1000 4th Ave N. We know being on the other side of our busy city can present challenges to our loyal customers on the other side. We thank those of you who’ve made the effort to get used to our new location and hope more of you will try it out.

Need suggestions on how to beat downtown traffic or learn special routes to beat Nashville traffic & get to Hermitage? Email heidi@redrovercomeover, check out our Facebook page: /RedRoverDog, or @RedRoverPS on Twitter #RRNashRoutes.

We’re still paying for our 5 year stay on 4th Ave so tell your friends, spread the word, and keep us strong! No one else in the city offers experienced, professional, cage-free care all night long; amazing grooming; and positive-reinforcement training like we do.

What do you need for your pets? Let us know in the comments below along with any traffic secrets you have to share. And thank you. You & your pups are why we do what we do!

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